Perhaps, some do…there are certainly none bragging about it.  The most successful (in terms of money raised for issuers on their platform) is StartEngine and they are LOSING $5M/year.  They are the only such platform with a public financial disclosure that reveals this kind of financial detail.

We know why investors are not making money.

  1. The investments are too risky for most investors and therefore investor populations are small.
  2. The ventures on the platform are seeking crowdfunding as a last resort. They can’t get funded any other way…and with good reasons.
  3. The expertise in capital formation just isn’t there for most of the platforms. There are none with decades of experience raising capital in what some may call the old-fashioned but historically successful methods of marketing securities and getting investors to invest again and again.

Startup Investing Protected Against Loss

We are the safety net for startup investors. We protect investors in startups from loss if the startup fails in the first two years. Our mission is to build wealth and opportunities in communities like yours by allowing anyone who wants to invest to do so with much less fear and risk. We are beginning a crowdfunding platform like no other and we want your help.

We’re building a crowdfunding platform focused on the investor, keeping them happy and safe.

Most of the over 30 platforms out there that offer up to $1M in funds to companies that seek it have no understanding of, at least when you look at their websites, what investors want.

We are going to only post ventures that have an advantage.  That advantage is more likely to provide a return to investors.  Our mission with our emerging growth platform is to have every investor invest a second time.  That, of course, means we have to do a good job with their first investment.

To accomplish this we offer a venture backing fund. The investors in this fund will earn 7% upon deal close of whatever amount they pledge. ($100k to $1M). Our backers pledge an amount knowing:

  • Their money doesn’t have to go anywhere or do anything, if we need it in the next two years we’ll let them know, but they get their 7% immediately, whether we use their money or not.
  • They will NEVER have to pay all that they pledge. We have conditions, effective disbursement management and require 100% collateral from the entrepreneurs. This means that even though $100k may be pledged by a backer and $7k earned, only a small fraction, if any, of the backer’s money would be needed if the covered business fails.
  • Businesses surviving their first two years are much better risks for their next funding round and the investors we seek would rather continue with them than fund unknowns.

The confidence in our ventures is obvious

Why are we so confident of the ventures we’ll post on our platform?

  • Our ventures come to us from experienced business brokers and fundraising professionals who only get paid if their deals are approved so they send us the best.
  • Our ventures require collateral as we want the entrepreneur to have “skin in the game” along with his investors
  • We require the ventures on our site to spend what it takes to successfully market the offer.
  • Unlike most crowdfunding platforms our businesses are rarely startups but are businesses who would qualify for an SBA loan but see our approach is better

Why would you believe me?

If I don’t get your attention and show evidence that I care about what’s important to you, then who I am is one of those things that isn’t important to you.  Why would you care?  Here’s why who we are and what we do can be believed.

  • Our partners raised or help raise over $40M last year.
  • Our partners have a combined experience of a century in the securities business.
  • Our partners were all major players in firms now too big to want to be in this space.  Now, they seek to give back to an blooming new industry that needs their expertise.
  • The experience these partners have led them to combine the best parts of a traditional broker/dealer (which the senior partners were members) with the new crowdfunding innovations.
  • Of the 30 plus crowdfunding platforms in the U.S., only ours has partners running it that have sold thousands of securities.
  • What they do is easy, they make a pretty website and turn the issuer loose.
  • What they say they do, gaining commitment from investors, is really hard! We know because we don’t stop at easy…we don’t even start the website until we find out this issue makes sense: Would we invest in it? If we wanted to invest, there’s no reason we can find that we shouldn’t.  That’s harder.  That’s what we do. What we do is hard.

So, what’s in this for you?

What we think is important follows, we’d like to know for sure.

  • You’ll be an investor and partner in our platform alongside attorneys, broker/dealers, marketing pros and technology entrepreneurs that would otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars for just an hour of their time.
  • With our conservative forecast of only 45 ventures closed (our industry has closed over a thousand in the last 2 years) you’d get your money back in 11 months. The next year you’d more than double your money at this same pace.
  • Everyone wants a piece of the next Facebook.  Perhaps one of our ventures will end up that way.  More likely though you can enjoy being a part of a venture that is building wealth and opportunity, perhaps in your own community, and you’re being paid for it too.
  • All forecasts are guesses.  We rely on our own experience and high-quality time-tested information about our industry and those we fund.  This leads to a pretty confident assessment that the fund of which you’re a part will grow in the second year, thereby more than doubling your money.  That growth could continue another year.  After that,  the quality of forecasts diminish, the likelihood of competitive pressure emerges and the regulatory landscape is subject to change.   We have an exit strategy for after three years.

Are you the right kind of investor?

We are seeking the right kind of investor for us and we have some specifics in mind that are challenging at least.  The money is the easy part, the way we see it.

  • We want you to get involved and help us with referrals of investors you know, like you, that are interested in great opportunities for themselves and their communities.
  • We want you to refer us ventures that are seeking funding for which you have some knowledge.  All will go through our rigorous vetting process to get their issues posted.  It’s easier to know what kind of investments you and your community seek for funding if you send us ones you like.

Sure, we want you to send us a check.  We need $100k.  We can use $150k which would make you an equal partner as you’d then have as much invested in this as much as us.  Note that all your money goes to build and market the platform.  There are no salaries, office space or other fixed costs.


You can find out more about our project by contacting us at Advantaged Ventures: