It absolutely can be… If you have the qualifications to get approved for a Small Business Administration loan, then congratulations you are one of an elite community of business owners that has put the effort, thought, and gained the results that put you ahead of so many others.

If you qualify you can get a SBA loan by putting your house or other collateral and personal credit rating on the line with the conviction of success for your business. You can do that and you will then owe a bank money on day 31 after you close ….whether or not your business has made enough revenue to make that payment.

There is another and possibly better way.

Trade equity (ownership) or a percentage of revenue (royalty) for the same money you would borrow. Some businesses are just not right for investors to fund, but many are. Imagine getting the funding you need without that daunting payment due in a month and every month thereafter until the loan is paid off

We provide funding for businesses like yours that does not need to be repaid.

We all understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch. You will be trading some of your business for that money. Investors can be difficult to find, hard to work with and will increase the complexity of your business and the decisions you make. They also often bring much needed expertise, connections and customers to your business and will help you as your business grows because many have “been there…done that.”

Our crowdfunding platform posts a private page for your business containing all the required and sensible information for investors to choose your business over the thousands out there doing the same thing. We mine huge databases of accredited investors who have funded businesses before and have expressed a desire to do it again. We find those investors ideally suited for investing in your business. We provide all the legal and regulatory documents needed for the investors and government regulators. We further help you manage the relationship with your investors.

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